How do I set up a monthly donation?

Super easily, that’s how! Head over to our Canada Helps page. Once there, simply click on “Donate Monthly” and donate away!


How do I give a one-time donation?

Just as easily as a monthly donation! Jump on over to our Canada Helps page. Once you’re there, click on “Donate Now” and away you go!

Can I fundraise with my friends?

Yes! May we even suggest fundraising parties? Or potlucks? Whatever makes your heart happy! To set up a fundraising page please go to our Canada Helps page and click on the “Fundraise” tab to launch your campaign.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift that you can set up through your will. There are options available in leaving a bequest that also have different tax benefits. We encourage you to talk to a professional advisor (a lawyer, accountant, etc). A professional advisor can help you sort out your options and plan your giving.
Please note that The Friends are only able to accept monetary donations at this time (as opposed to, for example, gifts of property or other physical items).
To help support our current campaign to build a bursary fund in celebration of Glendon’s 50th, we suggest the following wording to assist you in preparing your bequest:
“I give and bequeath to The Friends of Glendon College, ℅ C138 York Hall, 2275 Bayview Ave, Toronto Ontario, M4N 3M6, of my estate to be donated to the Friends of Glendon Celebration Bursary, in support of Glendon students in financial need.”
To have your gift recognized in this campaign, please send a confirmation of your bequest to our treasurer, Jessica Perkins at donate@friendsofglendon.com.
Our details as a registered charity are available through the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.

Where can I find out about events for Glendon’s 50th Anniversary?

The Office of Advancement, Alumni & External Relations at Glendon College has set up this website for all things related to Glendon’s 50th. If you can’t find the details you’re looking for on the page, their contact info is on the right hand side.

I can’t donate right now, how else can I support The Friends?

We appreciate any support from our friends. If you’re interested in communication, event planning, or spreading the good word about our work, get in touch with Amanda at info@friendsofglendon.com. To start, help us out and let some of your besties know about what The Friends are up to!

How can I get in touch with The Friends?

If carrier pigeons aren’t your thing, we have some more, um, modern, ways of getting in touch! If you have questions about donations or awards, contact Jessica at donate@friendsofglendon.com; all other questions can be forwarded to our general account, info@friendsofglendon.com where you’ll get a friendly reply from Amanda. If e-mail isn’t your thing either, reach out to us on our Facebook Page or through Twitter. We’re everywhere!

Who can I contact for donation questions?

You can reach out to our Treasurer, Jessica at donate@friendsofglendon.com. She’s all about the money and will be able to help you out.

How do I make sure that my donation will benefit the Celebration Bursary?

We’re encouraging all of our friends to donate through our Canada Helps page. Once you’re there, be sure to select “50th Anniversary Celebration Bursary Fund”. It should default to this fund, but always a good idea to double check.