Annual General Assembly / Assemblée générale annuelle

RSVP on our Facebook event for the AGM! La date de l’AGA est le 17 octobre de 18 heures à 20 heures dans la salle GH102.



Clubs Day

C’était un plaisir de rencontrer les nouveaux étudiants à Glendon le 3 septembre. Nous espérons vous voir à notre assemblée générale annuelle en octobre. Further details about our upcoming AGM will be posted next week – we hope to see you there!




Assemblée générale annuelle

Le 1 novembre nous avons eu notre assemblée générale annuelle. Voici les résultats de l’élection du conseil d’adminstration.

Présidente: Jaclyn Volkhammer
Vice-président: Doug Newson
Trésorière: Elizabeth Lerman
Secrétaire: Alexa Chapelle
Directeurs (étudiants): Tanya Golshani
Directeurs (anciens): Julie Drexler, Steffen Hem, Alison Ozog, Sara Vladusic
We are still looking to fill three student director positions, so get into contact with us if you want to find out more!





We’re dreaming big!

In celebration of our best friend, Glendon College’s 50th anniversary, The Friends are raising $250,000 to increase bursary support to Glendon students in financial need.


You can give to our fund by setting up monthly giving, through a one-time donation, or by setting up a bequest.

Join us to raise $250,000 for Glendon students. And here’s how you can help:

  • Buddy


    Thanks, here’s a tax receipt and we’ll leave you alone! We won’t even come after you for more money… But we will not say no if you come back to give more. ;) P.S. You can check for your name in our annual report and website -- “Hey - that’s me! Jessica P.!”

  • Friend

    $ 150

    You'll get a special thank you card with our heartfelt feedback on the impact of your gift. We can’t do this for everyone, our hands will get cramped!

  • BFF

    $500 +

    We’ll shout your names from the rooftops of Glendon! You’re part of the fam and will be in our hearts forever! Plus a shout out on our Annual Report, our website, and on social media.

Your support makes an impact!

These are the stories and photos of the students whose life you changed.