Assemblée générale annuelle 2019

Nous vous présentons les membres du conseil d’administration des Amis de Glendon.


Présidente : Linda Somers

Vice-Président : Doug Newson

Trésorier : Michael Woolnough

Secrétaire : Carol Galimberti

LLIR representative: Paul Muther

Student board members: Catherina Blair, Lucas Demirian

Board members: Dan Berbecel

Past president: Jaclyn Volkhammer


There are still open positions, so contact us if you’re interested in sitting on the board.


President’s letter 2018-2019


Dear members,


Here are some updates about the 2018-2019 year:




We are now working with a bookkeeper to transition our bookkeeping to Quickbooks. Using an accounting program was recommended during our audit last year, as opposed to using a spreadsheet that had been used in the past. This process is ensuring that everything is up to the standards of an accountant and will help with the annual audit. In addition, our bookkeeper is ensuring we are keeping track of the HST during expenses (such as for the book vouchers) which will help with the HST rebate the accountant completes when he files our taxes.




In May 2018 the Friends of Glendon chose to give $20,000 to Glendon in order to help students who were affected by the strike. As mentioned in last year’s annual report, a particular thanks must go to Living and Learning In Retirement for making this gift possible.


Over the summer (2019), we received good news from the Advancement Office at Glendon. York had given faculties back some of the money they had spent to help students during the strike and retroactively covered the cost. Due to this, $19,000 is back “in the pot,” so to speak, and available to help students. After consultation between Advancement and board members, some of this money will be used during the 2019-2020 year on a trial run of providing book vouchers and emergency bursaries.


This one-time allotment of funding for Glendon to use will help simplify the process. After this year, the board can decide whether to continue with this procedure or return to the previous method of book vouchers and emergency loans.


However it does provide some advantages. For the book vouchers, this reduces the back and forth between the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS), the Glendon Bookstore and the Friends of Glendon treasurer. The previous procedure involved the OSFS giving a voucher to the student, who would get their books from the bookstore, and the bookstore would then send an invoice that would be paid by cheque by the FoG treasurer and one other signing authority of the board (often the vice-president or president, whoever was available to sign a cheque).


Giving emergency bursaries with this money, instead of emergency loans, is another trial change this year. The Advancement Office and OSFS signalled that this would be a welcome change to students. Obviously free money is better than a loan that must be repaid, even if it is interest-free. This also simplifies the process for the OSFS, which keeps track of loan repayments. The amount given in emergency loans had also decreased in recent years as the OSFS tried to find other ways to support students in emergency situations.




We are pleased with our partnership with Living and Learning In Retirement. They donated $ 29,720 during the 2018-2019 year.


They also donated another $25,000 to establish the following two term awards:

  • Bursary for Refugee Students will benefit a Glendon undergraduate student who demonstrates financial need and has a status as a refugee/protected person as declared when the student applied to York University.
  • Bursary for Undergraduate Students will benefit a Glendon undergraduate who demonstrates financial need and lives at home as indicated on the Student Financial Profile.


Finally, our two boards agreed to a change of the criteria for the 25th anniversary LLIR bursary. If an award is not being allocated due to the difficulty of finding a recipient, the Advancement Office sometimes returns to a donor to see whether the criteria are suitable. The award was previously allocated to two incoming full-time students in exchange for 120 hours of community service in a francophone or bilingual education/community setting in Toronto or at Glendon.


Here is the new description of the terms:

The LLIR 25th Anniversary Internship is awarded to up to three Glendon students in need of financial assistance in exchange for a work-integrated learning experience, or community service in a francophone or bilingual education/community setting. These experiences must be coordinated with Glendon staff and recipients must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons, be Ontario residents and demonstrate financial need.


On a personal note, this is the end of my two-year term as president of the board of directors. I am not running again since I am not in Canada this year. It has been an honour serving as president from 2011-2019. I apologize for not being present at the annual general meeting as I am out of the country.


Jaclyn Volkhammer

President / Présidente




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